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Tallest Buildings in Las Vegas

Attractive and Impressive Architecture

Take a look at the most mesmerizing architecture of Las Vegas – a city where dreams come true.

150m+ Buildings

In addition to the lavish casinos, the sin city is also home to millions of essential monuments, skyscrapers and other buildings that can't help but catch crowd attention.

Current Buildings

The building of today's generation follows a lavish architecture with mesmerizing interior designing. If you want to know what luxury is, visit Vegas.

Proposed Building

The upcoming projects in the state, as well as the city, are strictly abided to the rules of regulations of the government - but promise to maintain and retain the charm.

Topped Out Skyscrapers

Resorts World Las Vegas Tower

Dive into the beauty of this tower to get a glimpse of the Vegas life.

The Palazzo

Visit this lavish casino to know how a casino should look like.


Visit to experience the greatness of skyscrapers in town.

Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form

Explore the olden day and the contemporary architecture of the state.

Las Vegas Strip

Attractions on the Strip

From lavish casinos to luxury mansions, all in one city – the sin city

Make sure you will find your pockets because you will not be disappointed with the Las Vegas collection.

The city is called sin city for a reason!

Fun aside; there are a couple of tourist destinations and monuments that are worth a visit.

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List of tallest buildings in Las Vegas

Tallest buildings

Las Vegas, known as the sin city. A city that is a never-ending party and a city full of luxury and fun. Las Vegas at night is such a wonderful sight. With buildings everywhere that look like they are touching the sky, Las Vegas has quite a long of tall buildings. Here’s a list of the tallest buildings you must check out while you’re in Las Vegas next time.

Stratosphere Tower

Named after a top layer of the atmosphere, this skyscraper is about 350.2m tall. It is the tallest building in Las Vegas. It took five years to construct the Stratosphere and opened in 1996. The building is a spectacle that stands tall amongst all the other buildings and makes everything else look small. It is said that on the day of opening, many brave stuntmen offered to perform at the topmost floor of the tower, but they weren’t allowed to, for safety reasons.

Stratosphere Tower

The Palazzo

The Palazzo is the tallest hotel in Las Vegas. It stands 196 m tall and guarantees a luxurious stay and was inaugurated in 2007. The hotel is known to have the Italian renaissance look and ambience to it which makes it all the more exotic and classier. It’s not just a hotel; it also consists of a casino and a convention centre.


Encore is a luxury resort with a casino and hotel. The building is 192 m tall and boasts of restaurants, spa and salons. The building also has various popular clubs and a massive casino. The Europeans and Asian avant-garde designs have influenced the interiors of the hotel. Famous artists like Beyonce have performed at the Encore’s theatre.


Trump International Hotel and Tower

The trump tower opened in 2008 and is 190 m tall. An interesting fact about the building is that the exterior glass of this posh building is infused with gold. Trump was looking to build another identical building right next to this one but it was stopped due to the recession.


Wynn is a casino and a luxury resort; it is the sister property of the Encore. Wynn is 187m tall with a convention centre and retail space too. Wynn is popular as it has been shown in many Hollywood movies. The casino is very popular to have state of the art technology implemented in its process. You might get to see shooting sites and have a nice time here, so you could call it a Wynn-Wynn situation.

Las Vegas have many more tall buildings like The cosmopolitan boulevard tower, The cosmopolitan casino Chelsea tower, Aria Resort, Elara etc. Some tall buildings are still under construction and are expected to open in a few years down the line like the Drew, Resorts World etc. If you ever visit Las Vegas do check them all out, they all have a great view from above.

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