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SuperSkyScrapers is dedicated to the organisation of Skyscrapers and Super Skyscrapers architecture and design competitions. It is a sister Award dedicated soley to the investigation of high-rise and very tall structure achitectural design, its imapct on urban planning and how they can shape or improve the lives of communities in which they exist. Competitions are open to Individual or teams of graduate architects, student architects, urban planners, landscape designers, engineers (maximum of 4 individuals within any team).
Our mission is to bring together the talent and creativity of various architects, engineers and designers to stimulate ideas about high-rise architectural environments. We hope to be among the leading platforms for exploring, responding and recognising innovation in tall building and very tall / structures which We have called Super Skyscrapers.
We have set-out to encourage and motive architects through our Competitions to be confident in the influence and power of architecture and to deliver specific and valuable content to architectural practices around the world in order for them to engage the premium readership of architects, designers, consumers and influencers.

We believe that a platform such as SuperSkyScraper can contribute to the innovation, debate, research into future technologies, material, space, use and the aesthetics of future skyscrapers in their interaction to the communities around them and the natural environment. These Super Structures have the power and capacity to influence the way a society views itself in a mordern and contemporary way.
SuperSkyScrapers hopes it’s Awards will become one of the most interesting and prestigious very tall structure architecture prizes for aspiring and talented architects and engineers.

We hope to encourage innovative designs that push the boundaries of may seem possible with very tall / super structure design.
We hope to encourage the challenge of existing very tall structure designs ideas and approach.
We aim to recognise excellence in the area of tall structure architectural design.
We hope that architects will benefit from the opportunity and exposure derived from presenting their project affords them through participating in our competitions.
We hope to engage and explore debate about such tall structures.
We aim to showcase interesting design concepts and to promote a new design approach.
We hope to stimulate innovation and resposible design together with a strategic professional approach to very tall structure design and its effect on the surrounding community.
Finally, thank you for visiting SuperSkyScrapers. Goodluck!

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